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Managed Security Services

Help AG Managed Security Services (MSS) was born out of the regional need for expertise in monitoring increasingly complex IT security infrastructures. The Help AG MSS focuses on delivering services locally, in line with leading security policies, frameworks and technologies, by highly competent resources developed over years of protecting our customers.

We value our customers’ privacy and although local data collection is a must, we handle this in the most secure way possible by our unique service offering which ensures that data does not leave the customer’s environment. Our Managed Security Services offering has differentiated itself by delivering flexible services which combine security event management, infrastructure monitoring, and incident response for our customers either through remote or on-site response teams defined by strict SLAs.


24×7 Managed Detection & Response

  • Continuous Threat Monitoring
  • Incident Workflow
  • Adaptive Response Actions for Containment

Managed Security Controls

  • Operations, Administration and Maintenance

Managed Vulnerability Assessment

  • Scheduled & Ad-hoc Assessment
  • Remediation Advice

Managed Threat Intelligence

  • File, Hash, Domain, URL and IP indicators
  • Geography-specific Intelligence

End-point Detection and Response

  • Protection and Containment using Industry-Leading Solutions
  • End-point Security Policy & Configuration Management


MSS Add-ons

  • Advanced Services Retainer Forensics, IR
  • Assessment of Security Control Configuration


24x7 Managed Detection and Response

This is the core service offered by Help AG’s MSS (Managed Security Services). Our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) is comprised of top-level security analysts and monitors, analyzes and interprets security events occurring within your infrastructure twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.


Help AG’s Managed Detection and Response service is designed to assess and inform your organization about critical security threats or abnormal behaviour occurring within internal and external networks, thus enabling your organization to react efficiently and effectively.


Help AG’s Managed Detection and Response Service allows customers to recognize when response actions are required, evaluate the risks and determine the most effective approach to remediate an incident. Our approach to incident response enables you to position your organization a step ahead of any incident.


Help AG’s Incident Response methodology provides a structured approach to prepare and respond to security incidents. The CSOC team works 24×7 and can support you during a security incident with visibility and expertise for dealing with and recovering from incidents.


Help AG’s MDR Service supports Active Response and Containment actions, initiated by the CSOC team with support solutions (e.g. Palo Alto Firewall, Carbon Black Response), significantly decreasing time to respond and mitigate a threat.

Managed Security Controls

Skilled resources are increasingly hard to find, hire and retain. This Service provides Operations, Administration and Maintenance across a variety of Security Controls including:

 Web Application Firewalls                                                                                                           Next Generation Firewalls
 Data Loss Prevention
 Next Generation AntiVirus


Help AG works hard to find, hire and retain the best-skilled engineers in the UAE. As a multi-award winning Cyber Security Solutions and Services provider, Help AG is uniquely positioned to attract Cyber Security talent.


MSC provides 24×7 management to ensure that your business-critical applications stay available and secure. The service includes Problem, Incident and Change Management, Patches/Upgrades/Fixes, Configuration Backup and Restoration, Vendor and License Management, 24×7 Support and access to Help AG’s skilled engineering team.

End-point Detection and Response

Attackers are continually shifting their focus to the end-point as they try to find the softest target. As part of Help AG’s Managed Security Controls offering, this specific Service provides Operations, Configuration and Policy Administration and maintenance across leading End-point Threat Detection Solutions.


The Service provides protection and containment using industry-leading solutions to detect and mitigate threats as they occur and provide granular visibility of what occurred to support investigation in the wake of an incident.


When coupled with the 24×7 Managed Detection and Response Service, organizations receive round-the-clock Prevention, Detection, Response and Containment across multiple threat vectors and attack types.

Managed Vulnerability Assessment

Another day, another vulnerability. Pro-active detection of vulnerabilities is key to preventing incidents and thwarting attacks. Help AG’s Managed Vulnerability Assessment provides continuous pro-active detection of vulnerabilities using industry-leading solutions.


When coupled with the Managed Detection and Response Service, organizations receive pro-active and re-active detection and response, in addition to comprehensive visibility into the posture of their organization.

Managed Threat Intelligence

Assessing the fidelity (i.e. likelihood to be an incident) of events, suspicious activity, anomalies, direct threats and attacks is becoming increasingly difficult. Threat Intelligence provides a means to assess the fidelity and help organizations identify those events or behaviour that are most critical, based on knowledge and context.


Help AG’s Managed Threat Intelligence provides an integrated set of solutions and services to provide Threat Intelligence Life-cycle Management in on-premise or off-premise solutions.


When coupled with the Managed Detection and Response Service, organizations receive pro-active, prioritized and curated incidents, leveraging open source, commercial and in-house intelligence for prioritizing response and containment actions.

MSS Add-ons

MSS Add-ons are complementary services, scoped and procured separately, that are provided by skills resources within Help AG.


Professional and consulting services can be included as Add-ons to MSS services delivered by Help AG. Common Add-ons are: On-site Remediation Support, Security Control Health Monitoring.


Professional Services and Consulting Services can also be bundled alongside Managed Services.

On-site Remediation Support

Help AG can provide an on-site resource to support remediation, assisting you in “handling” a threat or incident within your environment, including post-Incident forensics.


Resources required on-site are assessed at the time of the incident to ensure the right resource is provided following an assessment of our clients’ need.

Security Control Health Monitoring

The Infrastructure Monitoring add-on for our MSS Services covers the following for Managed Security Controls:


24×7 Monitoring of General availability of a device, CPU utilization, Memory utilization, Disk utilization, Interface utilization.


Engagement between Help AG functions operates seamlessly behind the scenes to initiate our Incident Management process and keep you informed.


In case of changes in availability or indication of degradation of performance of monitored controls, clients will be alerted 24×7 via telephone or e-mail depending on agreed SLA and communication matrix.

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