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    Cybersecurity Everywhere State of the Market Report

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    Cybersecurity Everywhere State of the Market Report


    The year 2020 is definitely going down in history as the year of change. As organizations and individuals were forced into what later became the “new normal”, and Google searches overflooded with words like “quarantine”, “lockdown” and “covid19”— the world of cybersecurity went on super charger mode. Organizations suddenly had to re-evaluate their perimeter security as the world increasingly became perimeter-less. While adoption of cloud picked high octane, the market witnessed an increased uptake of services and solutions in the space of secure cloud enablement and remote access. Simultaneously, data, applications, endpoints, emails, and users reinforced their importance as the precious security controls that need to be monitored and protected at all times, irrespective of whether they are on-prem or in cloud.

    Amidst all of these, one thing became extremely clear – it is all about the “people” – not just in our personal lives but also from the technological and business standpoints. I am sure many of you will agree with me when I say that few months into the lockdown, as the world was on kind of a standstill, we realized more than ever before the importance of our loved ones and being with them. As we leaned on them during these uncertain times, and missed the ones we were separated from geographically, a new sense of gratitude and self-realization came in.

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