Cybersecurity Leader Spearheads Service-Centric Evolution by Launching Help AG as a Service

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Help AG, the cybersecurity arm of Etisalat Digital and the region’s trusted security advisor, has launched “Help AG as a Service,” a service-centric model that provides comprehensive cybersecurity offerings that customers can avail “as a service” based on state-of-the-art platforms and tools. This highlights Help AG’s position as a pioneer in the Middle East’s cybersecurity sector, spearheading the industry’s move towards a service-centric future.
Help AG as a Service is the culmination of the company’s transition from technology delivery to a service-centric model, which has placed it in the best position to offer the entire lifecycle, from ‘Assess’ to ‘Defend’ to ‘Respond,’ as a service to customers.
With Help AG as a Service, customers can rest assured that they are provided best-of-breed services, irrespective of the underlying technology or deployment model. Driven by its vision to offer the highest level of protection and user experience, Help AG delivers future-ready services in terms of people, processes and technology, on an MRC/PAYG model.
All services delivered by Help AG are fully compliant with regional and country specific data regulations, and the company ensures that it has expertise and infrastructure available on the ground. Help AG follows the concept of ‘think global, act local,’ aiming to give customers all the benefits of the most advanced global technologies, while fully provisioning them with local expertise.
Commenting on the launch, Stephan Berner, Chief Executive Officer at Help AG, said: “Help AG has been one of the region’s most experienced and trusted cybersecurity partners for more than 16 years, and with the launch of Help AG as a Service, we are truly cementing our place as a pioneer in the regional cybersecurity industry. The future of cybersecurity will be service-led, and Help AG is at the helm of this evolution.”
Berner added: “Years ago, we built our service offering from the ground up with a commitment to delivering truly global and advanced security services while moulding them to address regional market threats and requirements. Our offering has been received very well in the market, enabling us to become the biggest Managed Security Service Provider in the Middle East, and driving us to take our service-centric transition to the next phase with Help AG as a Service.”
Under Help AG as a Service, customers also enjoy SLA-based offerings; cybersecurity expertise on demand, wherein Help AG’s experts work as an extension of the customer’s team; and elastic capacity based on the customer’s needs.
Help AG has already standardized many of its services, including 24/7 Threat Monitoring, Detection and Response, and it has applied automation to several existing services, including its Managed Advanced Web Application Firewall (AWAF) service and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offerings, namely Cyber Edge X and the Help AG Secure Private Access Service (HPA). Other best-of-breed services offered by Help AG include Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Security Awareness, Compromise Assessment, Managed Security Controls, Digital Risk Protection, SMB Security Offerings, Always-On DDoS Mitigation, Security Bundles with Service Providers, and Secure Cloud Offerings.
Help AG continues to invest in developing its capabilities to provide a 360-degree portfolio of cybersecurity services to customers with round-the-clock availability. The company has differentiated itself by providing in-country, compliant security infrastructure; capability and agility in the cloud; optimization-driven service delivery; in-house digital forensics and incident response; automated threat hunting and cyber threat intelligence under its Security Operations Center (SOC) services; and a dedicated team of security researchers with 110+ zero-day findings to its credit, among other factors that add unmatched value for end customers.
Help AG as a Service is built on the foundation of the capabilities the company has cultivated over more than 16 years, delivering the highest quality of services at the best possible prices. With its integration into Etisalat, Help AG now offers secure connectivity coupled with unmatched availability and reliability through state-of-the-art, in-country infrastructure, thereby complying with customers’ data residency needs. The ongoing transition to a service-based model across the cybersecurity industry is increasing the importance of the role of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), and with Help AG, enterprises get access to the best and largest MSS team in the region, as well as a flexible financing model, hence investing in a capability that will evolve over time.

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