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Experience the ultimate in Managed Cyber Defense Services with UNIFY: the first consolidated platform unifying the pivotal capabilities of visibility, collaboration, orchestration, and intelligent automation across all cyber defense services.

Transform your Cybersecurity with UNIFY

UNIFY brings together people, processes and technologies in a next-generation platform delivering consistent, high-quality services and a seamless customer experience.

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The Unify Architecture

Enabling people and processes to utilize generation platforms to deliver consistent, high quality services



Digital Risk Protection

Threat Intelligence & Hunting

Malware Analysis

Vulnerability Management

Managed Detection and Response

Phishing Investigation


Digital Forensics & Incident Response



Embedded Automation


Threat Intelligence And Sandboxing

Intelligent Analysis

Case Mgmt.

Visualization & Analytics

Health and Hygiene

Performance Metrics

Attack Visibility

Automated Response


Security Data Lake

Log Mgmt - SIEM


Response Actions



Cloud IaaS/PaaS




User / Identity

Endpoint / Network


Deep/Dark Web

Vulnerability data

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See UNIFY’s automation, orchestration, visibility, and collaboration capabilities in action.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Help AG UNIFY platform is a cloud-based cybersecurity platform that serves as the foundation for the Help AG cyber defense service offerings. It unifies pivotal capabilities like Visibility, Collaboration, Orchestration and Automation across all cyber defense services.

It is purpose built to integrate with the ever-evolving cybersecurity technology landscape and deliver a seamless, unified customer experience.

Yes, UNIFY is capable of supporting diverse cloud configurations, including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Yes, UNIFY is exclusively catered for managed security services customers.

UNIFY is not available as a standalone purchase. It is an integral part of our comprehensive cyber defense services, rather than an additional add-on.

The delivery model for UNIFY is Platform as a Service, provided as an integral part of the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) subscription.

Yes, UNIFY is fully capable of integrating with third-party data and products.

YES, it’s an in-country platform compliant with regulations of the land.

UNIFY delivers unified, visibility, collaboration, orchestration and automation across cyber defense services.

  • Collaboration – Omni channel collaboration over emails, Chat, Integration with customer MS Teams, Web portal.
  • Case management – End to End case management delivered for all cyber defense services from one unified platform.
  • Embedded Automation – Deploying multiple automation playbooks across our service portfolio to ensure consistent service quality and improved efficiency in operations.
  • Orchestration – A key capability of UNIFY platform is creating workflows which enables interoperability between different services.
  • Threat Intelligence and Sandboxing – Leveraging orchestration capabilities to utilize Help Ag’s Threat Intelligence and Sandboxing across our services.
  • Attack Visibility – A unified view of attacks across customer’s IT, OT and Cyber estate.
  • Intelligent Analysis – Utilizing embedded automation and Orchestration to automate repetitive tasks like enrichment to deliver quicker and consistent analysis.
  • Automated Response – A key component of UNIFY enabling automated mitigation of threats.
  • Visualization and Analytics – Next Generation capabilities to enhance visibility across services.
  • Health and Hygiene – Ensuring basic health monitoring of the services.
  • Performance metrics – Unifying performance metrics across all our cyber defense services and presenting dynamic data as part of real time dashboards and reports.

UNIFY integrates with a range of third-party tools and applications. The list is constantly expanding with new additions, and we encourage you to reach out to us for further information.

We are changing the way we deliver our services and UNIFY now becomes the core of our services. Soon, all new services will also be powered by a unique, unified platform i.e., UNIFY. This is not a service/product, it is a platform that is shaping our current and future services.

UNIFY’s core purpose is to create agnostic cyber defense services. Thus, there are no vendor lock-ins.

To gain unified visibility, omni-channel collaboration, orchestration, and automation across multiple controls. UNIFY will become a single touchpoint for customers for all cyber defense services.

There are no other similar or comparable platforms available in the Middle East market.

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