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Next-Gen Platforms

In this distributed landscape, cloud hosting, SaaS providers, mobile devices, mobile apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT) all collect, process, and store data, making it challenging for infrastructure to scale and provide quick value. Help AG’s locally hosted next-generation platforms allow for fast deployment of applications, leveraging the latest state-of-the-art technologies, with embedded features for analytics, AI, and automation.

DDoS Mitigation

Help AG’s Managed DDoS Mitigation service delivers expertly managed, multi-layered protection that stops DDoS attacks before they impact your network. It combines the scale advantages of a cloud-based platform with the customised precision of network perimeter-based (CPE) solutions.

Security Service Edge (SSE)

Protecting users, applications and data, Help AG’s Cyber Edge X – a cloud-based Security Service Edge (SSE) service, provides best-in-class network security anywhere and everywhere. Powered by a multi-vendor ecosystem and hosted locally, it delivers fast reachability to SSE platforms with industry-leading managed service options available.

Digital Risk Protection (DRP)

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) provides real-time visibility of digital threats from social media, web sites, collaboration tools and more. DRP hardens your organization against external cyber threats across their entire life cycle, from early detection and monitoring, to analysis, assessment, risk mitigation, and resolution.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Help AG Multi CA Certificate Lifecycle Management Platform is coupled with a portal powered by DigiCert & eMudhra. PKI is designed to help conduct secure transactions on the internet and significantly increase the security level of your network.

Email Security

Protect your users and data against email-borne threats ranging from phishing and malware to fraud and business email compromise with a wide range of services that include security awareness, anti-spoofing protection, and authentication.

National Bug Bounty Program

Put your critical infrastructure to the test and identify exploits in your organizational networks and systems by leveraging an in-country platform that utilizes tools and tactics used by adversaries.

Why Help AG?

Locally based ethical hackers, carefully selected from all over the world
A leader in discovering Zero Day Vulnerabilities — over 85 reported
Robust Research & Development Department
Independent analysis, vendor-neutral recommendations
Minimal use of automated tools, manual exploitation of vulnerabilities
Risk-based, business-oriented approach
Risk-based, business-oriented approach
Independent analysis, vendor-neutral recommendations
A leader in discovering Zero Day Vulnerabilities — over 85 reported
Locally based ethical hackers, carefully selected from all over the world

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