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Cybersecurity Analysis

No IT environment is 100% secure. Identifying the flaws in your IT infrastructure is the first step in hardening your security defenses. Help AG’s Security Analysis Division offers essential security services which are imperative to uncovering important security vulnerabilities. We understand that every IT environment is unique, which is why we reject the easier and far less effective, ‘cookie-cutter’ approach that other security service providers opt for.

The Help AG Security Analysis division is comprised of the region’s most skilled ethical hackers who are capable of placing themselves in the shoes of the attacker to uncover potential security loopholes that automated tools miss. In addition to detecting vulnerabilities, our team offers its extensive technical expertise to guide customers’ security investments so that they can best secure their infrastructures.


Penetration Testing

  • Internal and External Penetration Test
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • WiFi Assessment
  • VOIP Assessment
  • End-Point Security Assessment
  • Social Engineering & Exploitation

Application & Software

  • Web Application Assessment
  • Mobile Application Assessment
  • Source Code Review

IoT Penetration

  • SCADA/ICS Assessment
  • ICS Protocol Review
  • Technical Assessment of IoT Environments

Research, Development & Training And Investigation

  • Capture the Flag
  • Red Team/ Blue Team Simulation
  • Breach Investigation and Forensics
PT-On-Demand Services
On-Going Periodic Assessment




The first step to assessing how secure an infrastructure is to perform a vulnerability assessment / penetration test on it. Our security analysts are seasoned ethical hackers who can perform attacks on an organization’s infrastructure. This helps to expose any security flaws that might be present, test the effectiveness of security controls in there, and detect the maturity of the organization’s incident response process. Taking the overall readiness into consideration, a detailed plan can then be designed to fix the most critical issues in the concerned network.

These assessments can be conducted from both an external standpoint, to mimic the attacks that hackers can issue against an organization, as well as an internal standpoint; whereby we mimic what a virus or a disgruntled employee could do to an organization.

While a vulnerability assessment targets one’s entire IP range, be it internal or external, a penetration test helps uncover multiple ways in which an attacker can gain access to an organization’s network and by exploiting multiple vulnerabilities, completely take over its infrastructure.

In contrast to our competitors, we don’t solely rely on tools but instead follow a stringent manual methodology that provides a 360-degree view of your security controls.


Since wireless signals tend to “leak out”, they are even more susceptible to attackers who could otherwise have been stopped due to physical limitations. During the course of Wi-Fi hacking, Help AG analysts perform multiple attacks that test the strength of the organization’s wireless security, and the network setup of its public Wi-Fi networks. Employees of the organization can also be tricked by imitating legitimate Wi-Fi networks.

These attacks are done on-premise by our security auditors who have been actively involved in wireless security in the open source community. We assess how secure a setup is and provide a report with detailed instructions on how its Wi-Fi security posture can be improved.


Since most VoIP networks run on the infrastructure of the enterprise network, attackers often view this as the less-secure gateway to an organization’s IT systems. By targeting the VoIP infrastructure, attackers can reach enterprise resources, cause telephonic disruption and commit phone fraud.

Help AG’s seasoned experts can effectively test the VoIP infrastructure of an organization for security flaws that could allow an attacker to take advantage of it and move to other endpoints in the network.


Help AG provides security assessment on end point security solutions and their implementation by attacking them from hackers’ point of view. The main goal is to bypass security solutions and their prevention mechanism. Attacks include various bypass mechanism, like file less malware, customized trojans, binary smuggling and more.


Most organizations focus on technical controls to keep their data secure and often forget the very crucial human element in information security. If an organization’s network is well hardened, but its employees can be tricked into giving out sensitive corporate information, then its overall security program sets it for failure.

During social engineering attacks, Help AG’s analysts try to gain as much information about an organization, and simulate attacks on the employees in an attempt to gain remote access to the infrastructure, login credentials and access to sensitive, and competitive information. This assessment is done in an extremely controlled manner using highly sophisticated, in-house developed tools. These mimic the tools and techniques used by sophisticated hackers when they conduct targeted attacks against an organization.

The outcome of this assessment is a report of successful and unsuccessful attacks against the organization and its employees, together with recommendations from an awareness point of view, as well as technical controls.



As most of today’s business is conducted over the Internet, and an organization’s online presence is increasingly becoming a larger target for hackers and bots. In addition of the corporate webpage being the digital face of the company, it could also be the interaction point for one’s customers, employees and partners. The integrity of a corporate website’s services and information must always be maintained irrespective of whether external parties use it to book, order or simply consult for an organization’s products or services.

Help AG’s seasoned ethical hackers can manually assess web applications for security vulnerabilities that might have creeped in during the development stage, whether it was developed in-house, by a third party or is a commercial application.

By assuming different roles, we can assess the entire functionality of the web application and uncover any existing or potential security flaws. Our reports not only show how these vulnerabilities can be exploited, but they also show the necessary code changes or configuration updates that are required to keep one’s information secure.


Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in mobile applications. Mobile applications provide an always-online, rapid channel to an organization’s information and services.

Unfortunately, it has been a standard practice across the industry to focus the design of mobile applications around usability and performance, keeping security low on the list of concerns. This has allowed hackers to exploit this new channel and cause tremendous reputational and/or financial impact.

By analyzing both the online services, as well as the mobile application itself, we verify that the mobile channel has the best security built-in. Help AG’s analysts scrutinize every aspect of the application for its security robustness.

Post-scrutiny, we provide organizations with a report that contains detailed explanations on how to bypass the security controls in addition to a remediation path that includes the changes required to eliminate those vulnerabilities.


Since all application specific vulnerabilities originate in their source code, this review service tackles the root cause of the problem. Our source code review ensures that all security flaws, and potential flaws, are fixed before they are even pushed into a production environment.

By scanning an application’s source code with several different engines, and by verifying and analyzing each bug found, Help AG’s seasoned experts, who all have an extensive software development background, ensure that each bug is not a false positive, analyze its potential impact when exploited and determine how to fix it. In addition, our experts analyze the current development lifecycle of the organization in order to advise what should be tested and at what stages.


To tackle the typical challenges that IT departments face with securing approvals from management, Help AG offers a flexible on-demand service, whereby customers can purchase a specific number of man-days which can be utilized at a later stage. This is especially useful when timelines are aggressive, and flexibility is required.

Our on-demand service entails the various Security Analysis services offered by Help AG and is provided with the same quality and thoroughness that is offered when the services are purchased separately.


To be effective, security must be treated as an ongoing process, rather than a one-time activity. New vulnerabilities are discovered each day and new attack methods are researched daily.

Our periodic assurance security services, abbreviated to PASS, allows a periodic security review of your specified targets. Our security experts will test the parts of your infrastructure or applications that you specify at predefined intervals. This not only exposes security vulnerabilities, but also shows the effectiveness of your remediation management.

Analyzing all reports will show how well your IT teams are catching up with new vulnerabilities, and how quickly they are fixing the old ones. Aside from meeting regulatory requirements, it will give you peace of mind, knowing that your infrastructure is constantly being challenged by the latest threats.



After successfully developing a custom-built cyber-attack and defense simulation environment to train our ethical hacking and security analytics teams, we now leverage this platform to deliver the Red Team/Blue Team Simulation service. A first in the region, this service simulates attacks on the network, Operating System (OS), and web-application layers and enables IT professionals to train in defense scenarios that accurately mimic key real-world threats.

In case of cyber-attacks, rapid response is vital to mitigating the impact, protecting sensitive data and ensuring business continuity. Our new service delivers the most comprehensive preparation so that in the event of an attack, rather than being overwhelmed, security teams know exactly what to do and can take immediate and definite action to protect their networks.

Prior to execution of the Red Team/Blue Team Simulation service, Help AG will conduct a comprehensive review of the organization’s security posture by assessing the technical capabilities of their in-house IT team, analyzing the security solutions deployed and the related security policies. This will be followed by in-depth technical training sessions and hand-on exercises in which up-to seven trainees test their cyber defense capabilities against Help AG’s ethical hacking experts. The entire process can be completed within approximately four to five man-days depending on the type of security training required.

This service has evolved out of our extensive experience in ethical hacking which has enabled our Cybersecurity Analysis team to publish over 60 zero-day vulnerabilities in solutions from leading technology vendors.


Our team can perform educational ethical hacking training for end users in order to give technical guidance on how attacks work and affect the targeted systems. The training includes technical sessions as well as LAB based attack simulations where applicable. The ethical hacking training includes session-based training for a group with presentation slides, access to vulnerable virtual machines, provision of attacking virtual machine, access to hacking lab and guidance on performing attacks from the perspective of a penetration tester.


Help AG can assist the customers who are compromised with malware or attack and investigate how it happened and find possible solutions to mitigate the similar attacks in future. Help AG will also attempt to investigate what the purpose of the malware was and what impact it had in the compromised servers.



Help AG can investigate any possible weaknesses in the technologies like IoT which are using wireless communication to interact with other end nodes and attempt to break into the device or manipulate the traffic or intercept the communication.

We offer highly-customized, best-in-class cybersecurity services across a diverse range of sectors.

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