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    Managed DDoS Mitigation

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    Managed DDoS Mitigation


    Help AG’s Managed DDoS Mitigation (Anti-DDoS) Service is a unique offering of multi-layered DDoS protection which mitigates DDoS attacks before they impact the network. The solution combines the advantages of a cloud-based solution with those of perimeter-based network solutions (CPE based). The solution deployed at Etisalat’s Internet Gateway as a cloud-based solution provides protection against volumetric DDoS attacks, while the perimeter-based solution enables focused rapid response to application layer and session layer DDoS attacks. The perimeter based solution deployed at the customer’s premise is linked with the hosted solution so that information can be exchanged, and help is asked for automatically, through cloud signaling. The service provides clean, legitimate internet traffic after disposing of the attack traffic, thereby allowing customers to maintain the service through having comprehensive protection against multiple vulnerabilities and digital threats.

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