Know Your Digital Adversary With Managed DRP

Hanna Mathai

By Archit Datta, Product Manager

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Know Your Digital Adversary With Managed DRP

Modern day businesses are rapidly transforming themselves to stay relevant and offer quicker, more innovative, and better customer service to cement their presence and stay ahead of competition. This in turn has fueled the digitalization of businesses and acceleration of remote working, as well as increased online activity, cloud adoption and BYOD usage. The exponential acceleration of digital transformation has left us faced with a reality in which organizational data, employees, and brand are everywhere. The omnipresence of your data, people and brand has in turn expanded the cyber threat landscape, thereby increasing your risk exposure. Traditional methods have turned ineffective, and companies are exposed to newer digital risks wherein they lack the visibility and capability to circumvent them.

We, at Help AG, have launched a new edition of our fully cloud-delivered Digital Risk Protection (DRP) service. The managed DRP service provides visibility into the surface, deep web, and dark web, identifying potential threats and protecting all external facing assets such as websites, third party transactions, data sharing mobile applications, cloud platforms, social media channels, Internet of Things (IoT) and even third-party vendors from cyber threats. The platform detects, prevents, and responds to various types of threats by assigning a risk score to each identified vulnerability so that the critical ones can be addressed and remediated based on priority levels. We leverage AI/ML technologies such as neural-based detection, scam intelligence, self-adjusting scoring, and others to detect any illegitimate use of digital assets across a wide range of resources. These resources include domain names, mobile app stores, social media, messengers, deep and dark web, phishing databases and more.

The DRP service offers actionable and intelligent insights into various digital assets that are prone to risk, enabling organizations to develop robust solutions to mitigate threats and gain better protection. It detects, prevents, and responds to threats by monitoring for data leaks (intentional and unintentional), brand compromise (copyrights, trademarks, and duplicate products), account takeovers (account impersonations), fraud campaigns (phishing), reputational damage, and such.

Before DRP, firewalls and authentication systems were the traditional methods for finding risks. However, these approaches were inadequate to identify, evaluate, and manage risk, as companies undergoing rapid digital transformation could not extend their own coverage to digital communication channels and social media platforms. In addition, these conventional security controls are based on patterns, signatures, and empirical rules, resulting in a time lag between discovery and remediation of new attacks. This lapsed time makes it easier for cybercriminals to hack the system.

The effectiveness of traditional methods has been further challenged by the expanding cyber threat landscape, fueled by the digitalization of businesses, remote working, online activity, and increased adoption of BYOD. These technological advancements are further making it possible for cybercriminals to find innovative ways to launch new attacks with increasing sophistication. Therefore, to overcome these challenges, including the time lag in detection and remediation, organizations are embracing state-of-the-art technologies like DRP for faster visibility, early detection and elimination of threats and vulnerabilities to ensure the security needed to operate smoothly in today’s challenging environments.

Help AG’s robust DRP service is designed to guard against digital risk, and external threats by consistently detecting assets that are exposed. The managed service also provides relevant context to comprehend risks and options for remediation, along with an extensive in-depth range of data collection sources across a breadth of use cases. This service offers an enhanced asset-based monitoring feature specifically for an organization and its assets, in addition to creating a clear threat model minimizing the time to value, ultimately reducing false positives quickly. Hence, optimizing time and resources effectively.

The range of services offered by Help AG’s Managed DRP service is based on six pillars:

  • Data Leakage Detection which cover marked documents, customer details and employee credentials.
  • Brand Protection from impersonating domains, phishing sites, spoofed social media profiles and spoofed mobile apps.
  • DevSec Operations against exposed access keys and unauthorized code commits.
  • Dark Web Monitoring to check accounts for sale, mentions by threat actors and phishing kits.
  • Attack Surface Monitoring for exploitable vulnerabilities, certificate issues, open ports and misconfigured devices.
  • Threat Intelligence to monitor and track threat actor profiles, intelligence incidents, suppliers, and vendors, as well as vulnerabilities and exploits.

To ensure the right level of coverage is provided for organizations at every scale, to minimize their digital risk, Help AG’s service subscription packs are comprehensive, with each package assuring unlimited assets during onboarding, along with deep and dark web modality.

Help AG’s Managed DRP service subscription gives customers a choice to have accessibility to in-country cyber defense expertise as well as a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to provide periodical business reviews on the critical threats observed, and the tactics and strategies that were employed to mitigate these threats.

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