Keep It Private

Hanna Mathai

By Hemen Goradia, Engagement Manager – Strategic Consulting

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Keep It Private

Privacy is focused on governing the use of personal data with appropriate policies to ensure that consumers’ personal information is being collected, shared, and used in a manner expected/consented to by the data subject, in accordance with the applicable laws and compliance requirements. However, there are a few challenges that can hinder achieving this objective. The major challenges are as below.

  • Unclear vision and strategy for data privacy
  • Lack of privacy governance structure and responsibilities
  • Absence of privacy governance framework and related processes
  • Third-party privacy risk management
  • Lack of visibility on how customers, employees, and third-party data are collected, stored and protected
  • Consideration of privacy in digital transformation projects
Privacy Management

Privacy management is the ability to control how you are identified, contacted, and where the data subject is located. Privacy encompasses the rights and obligations of individuals and organizations with respect to the collection, use, disclosure, and retention of personally identifiable information. It provides capabilities that proactively identify and protect against privacy risks such as complex data transfers, and data oversharing.

Help AG’s approach

Help AG’s approach is to establish an understanding of the organizational context and its major gaps when compared against the applicable standards and laws. After understanding the organization’s requirements, we support them to develop a privacy-focused strategy with achievable objectives and performance criteria. Based on the strategy, we develop the privacy governance structure, framework, and supporting processes.

Once the governance aspect is covered, we support the organization to create an inventory of the privacy-related activities utilizing a combination of manual and automated tools, and this will allow focusing on the critical business activities that collect, process, or store personal information. It will further support in identification of the privacy risks and define the appropriate treatment actions.

The next step will be to enforce and operate the privacy management processes such as consent management, data subject rights, compliance management, and breach management where we have partnered with best-of-breed management technology providers. This will ensure compliance requirements related to data collection and managing customer requests.

Another important aspect related to integrating privacy into technology projects and digital transformation is achieved by utilizing Help AG’s qualified and experienced technical and consulting teams.

In order to implement these processes effectively, we conduct general privacy awareness as well as target group training to ensure that privacy management is well understood and acknowledged by the organization.

The above mentioned pragmatic approach supports the organization to achieve the effective establishment of a privacy management program, meeting local and international compliance requirements, further reinforcing the trust of customers.

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