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Innovation and differentiation are fast becoming the top two business objectives for technology providers in the Middle East. Due to the complexity of IT infrastructures today, customers require partners to provide them with end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate best-in-class point products. The need for the supply of technology products has long since been replaced by a more pressing need for specialization and technical expertise!
While this has resulted in a welcome transition to value addition and the introduction of a host of professional services relating to the pre-sales, POC, design and implementation phases, there remains a critical area that a large portion of channel players tend to overlook. Support remains a key function that organizations fail to address. Luckily at Help AG, Customer Support is our top priority!

Offering World Class Support

Since its establishment in the Middle East in 2004, Help AG has consistently posted double digit revenue growth. While in the initial years, the majority of our business was driven by new projects with major regional accounts, we today focus on customer excitement combined with quality support delivery, around our recurring revenue streams. We follow a ‘cradle to the grave’ solution selling model that includes a good deal of emphasis on post-implementation support.
In the region, few technology vendors have sufficient locally-based technical resources, which is where Help AG steps in. We are capable of offering Level 1 and Level 2 support services on their behalf. As an example, Help AG is an authorized support partner to a number of vendors including Blue Coat Systems, Palo Alto Networks, Infoblox and F5 Networks. This has strengthened our partnerships with these vendors, and also enabled us to provide world class L1 and L2 support with quickest response times in the region on their behalf. Our proximity to customers means faster time to resolution and highly satisfied clients.

Achieving Support Excellence

A major competitive differentiator for Help AG is our ability to provide dedicated 24/7 in-region support services delivered by expertly enabled technical professionals who are certified on all the platforms that they are to support.
In addition to having the right resources in place, we make them as readily and easily accessible to customers as possible. To meet the needs of today’s customers, this means providing support via a number of channels including on-site, telephonic, web chat, and mobile app.
Furthermore, we understand that simply offering support via multiple channels is not sufficient. We strive to ensure that customers receive a consistently high quality of service across each channel. It is likely that the same customer will leverage multiple channels through the resolution of a single request and so we have taken care to implement seamless integration between the channels.

Going the Extra Mile

We have found that one of the most convincing demonstrations of our support capabilities has been inviting customers to visit our locally based support center. Not just this, at Help AG, we have invested in a fully equipped lab environment with solutions from all our vendor partners. Besides serving as a demonstration area, the lab enables us to recreate the specific challenges that any of our customers may face.
In many organizations, the support center department is considered the least interesting job to work in, most of the people are aiming to move to an engineering, consulting or pre-sales position. In Help AG, our Cyber Security Support division, is the go-to department for the best talent and experienced security experts in the market. This truly makes the difference because it puts us in the driver seat to deliver what we promise. It doesn’t matter if the technical cases are considered to be basic or the most advanced, our support team by all means following professional policies and workflow procedures, will respond, recommend, and mitigate within the agreed SLA’s.
In the end, happy customers means happy Help AG!
Blog By:
Stephan Berner, CEO at Help AG

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