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    Digital Risk Protection (DRP) in Covid-19 ERA

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    Digital Risk Protection (DRP) in Covid-19 ERA


    We are witnessing an unprecedented growth in digital transformation as the pandemic has abruptly changed the way we spend our daily lives and conduct business. The education vertical is “online” with the adoption of eLearning. Telemedicine has enabled us to remotely connect and consult with physicians. Retail and Government businesses are being conducted via digital channels more than ever before.

    Digital footprints of organizations have thus expanded and become extremely complex. Think about the rise in credit card transactions as more and more individuals shop and organizations conduct business via online portals. More and more data are transferred through digital channels including credentials. Redundancies in organizations pose threats related to employees’ behavior. Cyber criminals’ activities are at an all-time high – from hacktivism to targeted attacks, almost all major industry verticals are being impacted.

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