DDoS Attacks Go Above and Beyond

Hanna Mathai

By Sriram Gopalakrishnan, Senior Product Manager

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DDoS Attacks Go Above and Beyond

DDoS attack numbers towards UAE in 2021 witnessed a 37% increment in total DDoS attack frequency. While the attack volume remains on the lower end of the spectrum compared to global trends, DDoS attacks reaching above 40 Gbps have become the “new normal”. Though majority of the DDoS attacks remained below 60 minutes in duration, DDoS attacks with a duration greater than 60 minutes witnessed a significant increment in 2021. 58% of the attacks observed in UAE were multi-vector attacks. 10 different vectors were used in a single attack targeting a UAE customer. Government institutions and private enterprises remain the top targeted verticals within UAE.

While digitalization becomes the norm in our day-to-day lives, these numbers depict a true writing on the wall for businesses in UAE to remain vigilant and adopt proactive cybersecurity countermeasures.

Summary of DDoS Attacks in United Arab Emirates: Help AG/Etisalat view.

UAE DDoS Attack Trends: Over the Years

DDoS Attack Frequency: 2021



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