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We know that great things can be achieved when we come together as a community. This is why we organise a variety of events and conferences across the Middle East. Through these events, we share knowledge, celebrate new technologies and discuss ways to transform the global information security ecosystem.

Security Spotlight Forum Dubai – Q2

09:00 am Monday, June 1, 2015 through Monday, June 1, 2015 02:00 pm

We are delighted to invite you to our quarterly Help AG Security Spotlight Forum where we will present you with latest, unbiased and most currently relevant information and findings in the field of information security brought to you by Help AG security consultants directly.

Following a tremendous success at the GISEC 2015 exhibition we would like to bring you the demos and short presentations from our Cyber Security Services Demo Stage on a vast variety of topics. We are certain you will find this event’s content very interesting and useful.


9:00 – What you need to know about managing a SOC

Learn what you need to know about successfully managing a Security Operations Center and the problems that you will usually face and how to overcome them.

What you need to know about web application security

From the attacks that are straight forward to the ones that do not get detected by your web application firewall – learn about today’s security threats.

How to mitigate advanced attacks on your website

Remove useless alerts by blocking automated attacks before they even start, protect against website defacements, protect against session hijacking and phishing with Help AG’s CTM.

What you need to know about mobile application security

With web applications, it’s all about securing the code on your server. With mobile applications, its securing both server and client code.


11:10 What you need to know about social engineering

It’s not always about an email asking for simple details, social engineering enables the attacker to take full control over the network rendering all technical controls useless. Learn the different techniques.

LIVE hacking – Social engineering tricks 

See various social engineering techniques that allow for full control over a network.

LIVE hacking – How to build a malware and bypass the anti-virus

Learn how easy it is to assemble a virus and take full control over your target and how to make it bypass anti-virus software.

LIVE hacking – preventing evil twin (hack the hacker)

Introducing a tool developed by Mohamed Idris from Help AG that detects WIFI hacking and brings down the attackers signal. A free tool available on GitHub for anyone to download.


What you need to know about effective device management

In this presentation we will discuss what is needed in order to perform effective device management, what this term means and how can it be delivered, in order to be able to add value.

How to build a security use case

Learn how you can more effectively defend against attacks and build successful and useful use cases.  Furthermore, learn how to create KPI measurements around them as well.

What you need to know about outsourcing incident response

What does it take to outsource incident response? How can an external entity be more effective at IR than your own organization?

What you need to know about GRC & its automation according to ADSIC, NESA, NCEMA & ISR

Stay informed on how to build and automate a holistic Governance Risk & Compliance framework. Help AG will take you through the building blocks of an effective GRC framework for information security, and will also provide with the insides on how to automate the GRC process.

14:10 – LUNCH

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