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We know that great things can be achieved when we come together as a community. This is why we organise a variety of events and conferences across the Middle East. Through these events, we share knowledge, celebrate new technologies and discuss ways to transform the global information security ecosystem.

Help AG Security Spotlight Forum Q4 2017 – Abu Dhabi

It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to our Security Spotlight Forum.

Looking at the events in 2017 Cyber Security issues continues to be the single most important problem to handle in modern organization.

Security Spotlight Forum brings some innovations around how we organize the event in the sense that we are building a theme based agenda, allowing you to focus your time better.

The topic of this Security Spotlight Forum is Visibility.To confirm your attendance, please send an email to Jenalyn.Dimaculangan@helpag.com

The whole Help AG team is really looking forward welcoming you and spending some informative hours with you.

As always we will make sure that you are well cared for and that there is a prize for one lucky winner who have participated the full day.

Best Regards,

Stephan Berner

Managing Director, Help AG Middle East


9:00 – 10:00 – Opening Remarks

By Nicolai Solling – Director of Technology Services, Help AG
Today visibility is the cornerstone of good Cyber Security defenses and we are working with some of our most prominent vendor partners to bring you a relevant and interesting agenda on how you can do things differently, more efficiently and benefit more from both existing and upcoming security investments. Nicolai Solling, CTO at Help AG will shed some light on the importance of visibility and the innovations we have seen in this space in the recent times.

10:00 – 10:45- SkyBox Security

SkyBox Security is the leading Security Device Management vendor in the market. They assist you in optimizing your firewall policies, not only from a rules perspective but also how you apply the protection mechanisms of your cyber security infrastructure to the vulnerabilities you have in your IT environment.

They receive information from your vulnerability scanners, build a representation of where you are vulnerable and also recommends policy changes to mitigate the vulnerability.

Would it not be nice if intelligent management of your Firewalls, Proxies and other L7 devices could allow you to plan and schedule your patch management cycle better? This is what they do. Moreover, Skybox provides a threat intelligence management system that consolidates multiple threat intelligence feeds, then performs threat analysis to determine potential impacts automatically. In minutes, you’ll be able to respond to emerging threats.

Skybox Security is also part of Help AG’s Managed Services Offering, where we take over the hassle for you of operating and running the solution while you still benefit from the great insights it delivers.

10:45 – 11:30 – vArmour

vArmour is one of the leading next-generation security platforms for virtual and physical compute environments. They deliver a solution which allows you to create micro-segmentation of your datacenter for both your virtual servers, but also your physical environment and creating a single enforcement and visibility fabric. Some of you may already have started thinking of micro-segmentation or even started on the journey. What you will find is that the key issue in micro-segmentation is not just the infrastructure, architecture and creating the correct visibility, but actually figuring out the policy to enforce between servers. In this area vArmour enables you to quickly architect policies and functions.

11:30 – 11:45 – Coffee Break

11:45 – 12:30 – Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks is one of the leading vendors in the rapidly evolving area of internal deception technologies. Most Cyber Security investments are focused around preventing the attack in the first place, but yet we see time after time that this approach was not successful. Attivo takes a different approach by focusing on detecting the attackers inside the network. Through their unique technology they place traps on endpoints and within the network and then engage in a cat-and-mouse game with the attacker, hereby allowing early detection of malicious activity but we also gain valuable information of the attackers in the process. Attivo Networks is part of the Help AG Managed Services offering, which we handle the hassle of setting up the solution and monitoring events and you simply have to lean back and wait for the call that something is happening – We of course hope that never happens!

12:30 – 13:15 – Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems needs no real further introduction, but did you know that Cisco delivers one of the most comprehensive and capable visibility solution for your infrastructure, network and endpoint? By deploying Cisco Stealthwatch you utilize your existing network and security infrastructure from Cisco, Palo Alto Network, Fortinet and many other vendors and baseline the normal behavior of every single host. This means that if your IP phones suddenly start to connect to your SMB shares or other services they did not use to utilize you will immediately be informed. On your endpoints you can get visibility down to which process on a machine created a malicious activity and even the user using the application – Again a great way of identifying malware behavior or maybe you just want to know which version of applications your users are utilizing. The StealthWatch solution integrates into PxGrid, which allows us to take automatic remediation actions in solutions such as Cisco ISE or other PxGrid enabled solution.

13:15 – 14:00 – SPLUNK

SPLUNK is in the business of creating visibility of any kind of machine based data. Within Cyber Security operations making sense of the data that all your systems are generation is imperative, but you may also be interested in how you create visibility of the IT operations and response times for your critical applications or business processes. The flexibility of SPLUNK means you create a platform which can index any data source and we will then help you make sense of it.

The use-cases we generate for our clients are almost only limited by imagination, but how about integrating data from your physical access control system in your building with logs from your remote access solution? Should anyone inside the building really be connecting over a VPN connection to the corporate network? This and much more is available with SPLUNK. Help AG built our MSS environment on SPLUNK and we are today the largest and most competent SPLUNK partner in the region.

14:00 – 15:00 – Lunch

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