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We know that great things can be achieved when we come together as a community. This is why we organise a variety of events and conferences across the Middle East. Through these events, we share knowledge, celebrate new technologies and discuss ways to transform the global information security ecosystem.

Help AG Security Spotlight Forum Q3-2019- Dubai

It gives us great pleasure to invite you for our Q3 Security Spotlight Forum.

There has probably never been a technology area with greater expectations than AI and ML; in cybersecurity this is no different. As with any technology, with such expectations also come hype and market positioning.

Our previous Security Spotlight Forum on AI was hugely popular, and we received great feedback from our clients . This time we are taking it one step further, by covering real life cybersecurity use cases and products, which have AI in the core of their solution. One of the key developments we have observed around AI in cybersecurity is that today it not just prevention and detection that are powered by AI and ML, but also security operations, which is benefiting from automated, intelligent decision making.

We are looking forward to seeing you for another fact-filled day with some of the best vendors in the industry.

Best Regards,

Stephan Berner

Chief Executive Officer, Help AG Middle East

Registrations will begin at 08: 30.

09:00 – 10:00 – Opening Remarks by Help AG

10:00 – 10:20 –  AIDirections

What is AI, and what is it not?

As a first in our Security Spotlight Forum we have asked an external partner to assist in bringing knowledge around the general topic of AI.

AIDirections is a UAE based company focusing on consultancy and solutions around the use of Artificial Intelligence; the consultancy includes awareness, AI readiness and AI strategy, the solutions include various application of computer vision and machine intelligence . They are good friend of Help AG as Dr. Angelika Eksteen also serves in an advisory role to Help AG. Dr. Angelika has promised to give us not only a little insight to what AI is but also what it is not and where we currently stand with AI implementations.

10.20 – 11.00 –  Tenable

Predictive Prioritization of Threats

Tenable has come a long way from the days when they provided the world’s most widely used vulnerability scanner called Nessus. They are bringing new predictive analysis features to their Tenable.io and Tenable.sc (Formerly Security Center) which utilize information about your vulnerabilities, advanced data-mining and machine learning to prioritize which vulnerabilities you should really focus on fixing. Their capabilities allow you to circle in on the 3% of vulnerabilities which are most likely to be exploited in the next 28 days, making your vulnerability management process much more efficient.

11.00- 11.40 –  Splunk

Threat Hunting with Machine Learning

In this session, Splunk will delve deep into operationalization of ML to detect domain generating algorithms in your environment. Splunk’s approach to security, is to ingest almost any kind of data from almost any source, in real-time or historical, and then apply cutting edge AI and ML capabilities — predictive analytics, event management and analytics, clustering, adaptive and statistical thresholding, anomaly detection, in order to detect both known and unknown threats. Don’t miss out the demo on Killchain C&C!

11.40- 12.00  –  Coffee Break

12.00- 12.40 –  F5 Networks

Attacks are Advanced, so should your WAF be

The source of most attacks, regardless of type, is automated. DDoS attacks, data breaches, vulnerability scans, credential stuffing, brute force, resource hoarding, and other attack types are almost all automated. Attackers use automation to launch large-scale attacks and probe for vulnerabilities to lower the cost of the attack and make Cyber Crime a lucrative business.

F5 Advanced WAF uses advanced analytics and machine learning to generate dynamic protection against both automated and manually created attacks without administrator intervention and advanced technical capabilities, hence allowing to create better prevention that focuses on behavior instead of protecting against the unpredictable.

If you are already an F5 user and wish to do WAF smarter, or if you are faced with the challenge of protecting publicly facing websites this session is a great introduction to how you can move to attack prevention at scale.

12.40- 13.20 –  Vectra

Network traffic does not lie!

Vectra is the world leader in applying artificial intelligence to detect and respond to cyberattacks in cloud, data center and enterprise infrastructures in real time, while empowering security analysts to perform conclusive incident investigations and AI-assisted threat hunting. The company’s Cognito Network Detection and Response platform applies machine learning to network traffic captured by physical or virtual sensors within the customers’ infrastructures and connects the dots in your communication and data-flows streaming between clients and servers. This helps detect behavioral abnormalities and attacker behaviors utilized by cybercriminals who are otherwise invisible to conventional cybersecurity detection methods.

The solution is built and architected with confidentiality in mind and allows customers to harness the power of AI without offloading data to the cloud or relying on third-party organizations getting access to confidential network information.

13.20- 14.00 –  Carbon Black

Investigation Made Easier: Better Data. Better Decisions.

Endpoint security is going through a massive transformation. Whereas traditional antivirus relies on first knowing that a certain piece of malware exists, and then producing a signature or updating a machine learning model to stop it, the next generation of endpoint security is built to predict and prevent both known and unknown threats using big data and analytics, without having to see a malicious file first.

The key to getting endpoint security right? The data — the best protection comes from the most complete data.

And endpoint data has been at the heart of Carbon Black’s technology ever since their founding.

In this session you will learn how Carbon Black uses endpoint data to integrate and implement AI and ML based platforms to make better predictive analysis of what is happening on your endpoints and turning that into robust prevention.

14:00 – 15:00 – Lunch

As always, our event is highly interactive, questions are endorsed and the vendors have promised to bring their best game in technical presentations and hands-on demonstration.

For any information about the event, contact  Soumya Prajna  (Soumya.prajna@helpag.com ). 

(Note: The event is targeted at cybersecurity decision makers across different verticals. )



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