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Protecting the enterprise against the scores of cyber threats calls for a robust IT security infrastructure built upon the integration of best-in-class products. While many technology providers would have you believe that they can fit your business requirements into their pre-set framework, the truth is that every organization’s needs are different.

With best of breed security technologies from Help AG vendor partners, our team can design, implement, and configure complex end-to-end security architectures unique to each customer. We pick technologies that are best suited to an organization’s needs and thanks to our unmatched level of technical competence, we can even build upon our vendors’ solutions to further enhance their capabilities.


Our Complete Set of Cybersecurity
Integration Services


Deployment and Configuration

  • Configuration of security controls
  • Vendor Certified Professional Services
  • Advanced integrations requiring API/Application development

Design and Architecture

  • Enterprise and Service Provider Security Infrastructure Design and Solutions
  • ICS/SCADA Security Infrastructure Design and Solutions
  • Secure Cloud Infrastructure Design and Solutions

Security Network Review

  • Assessment of existing solutions and controls
  • Assessment of existing solutions and security configuration
  • Optimization and advice



Even the best security solution in the market today will be useless unless configured and deployed correctly. Ultimately the correct deployment will ensure that the significant investment in a security solution delivers value for money.


We are always on the clients’ side delivering honest and transparent advice on capabilities in solutions, sizing as well as ensuring that what you buy is the correct solution to address your requirement.


Any efficient operation of security controls, any efficient mitigation of threats requires design and architecture to be thought into the security solution from the beginning. Help AG has worked with several clients to define security roadmaps working on selecting the correct products and integrating the solutions in one efficient security infrastructure.


We are a real system integrator, not a box-mover delivering value with all of the solutions we support and implement. At Help AG, believe in an integrated architecture with best-of-breed solutions which speaks together through a common set of integration possibilities.


With numerous successful large-scale security infrastructure implementations to our name, Help AG is well positioned to validate the security capabilities of any deployed infrastructure. Clients may be unaware of how small changes or solution additions may greatly increase the security capabilities of the existing infrastructure or new threat vectors may require new capabilities to be introduced.


Our experienced consultants can verify the current deployed architecture and solutions and advice on adherence to internationally best practices as well as general enhancement options to improve the system’s resilience against cyber-attacks.

We offer highly-customized, best-in-class cybersecurity services across a diverse range of sectors.

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A full set of end-to-end cybersecurity management, monitoring, and defense services.

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