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The objective of Information Security is to ensure the organization’s ability to grow and fulfil its mission and vision in the face of a changing risk environment. It is needed to protect the interests of those relying on the organization and ensuring business enablement that is balanced in terms of business objectives, cost and risk mitigation.

Effective and efficient implementation of information security controls will safeguard the business and protect information from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss; creating a competitive advantage and providing assurance to internal and external stakeholders.



Governance, Risk &

  • Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Cybersecurity Compliance
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • Third Party Security Assessment
  • IT Service Management

Information Protection & Business Resiliency

  • Critical Data Classification & Protection
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Secure Software Development Framework
  • Cloud Security Assessment


  • Policy Management & Compliance
  • Awareness Maturity Enhancement
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
  • Data Classification & Leak Prevention
Integrated Management System
On Going Advisory



Information security is an integral part of enterprise governance, that should be aligned with IT governance and integrated into strategy, concept, design, implementation and operation. Protecting critical information must constitute one of the major tasks to be considered in management strategies, and should also be recognized as a crucial contributor to success.

Help AG’s offering for Information Security Governance, Risk and Compliance is based on our unique Governance & Assurance Framework, which ensures that information security follows a risk based and information centric approach, to meet an organization’s specific needs and compliance requirements.

Organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, performance measurement, defined tasks, and oversight mechanisms are smoothly integrated with the organization’s business to elevate the trustworthiness of its information assets.

Help AG’s Information Security Governance & Compliance service line includes the following services:
Cybersecurity Strategy Development

Help AG delivers advisory in the design of layered Cybersecurity Strategy, providing multiple opportunities for monitoring, detection and/ or response to potential cyber-attacks while aligning with corporate strategic direction and plans.

The main purpose of the strategy is to define the applicable controls for protection of information assets by addressing threats to information processed, stored and exchanged by interconnected information systems.

International and Local Information Security Compliance Management

Establishment of an Information Security Management System Framework is a combination of well-defined roles and responsibilities, policies, procedures, standards & guidelines that are essential to ensure an optimum level of information security management in alignment with the business objectives of the organization.

Help AG’s Information Security Compliance Management utilizes a Risk-based approach that is closely aligned with the legislative and contractual obligations, service level agreements, customer expectations, best practices and relevant external requirements that the organization needs to comply with.

Our Information security compliance management covers:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information Security Management
  • KSA: SAMA Cybersecurity Framework
Cybersecurity Risk Management

In the rapidly evolving environment that organizations operate in nowadays, as well as the utilization of IoTs, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning among others, risk management became an increasingly important tool in corporate management strategies.

Effective management of information and cybersecurity risks, mandates an appropriate risk management strategy and framework to be in place. Help AG designs and implements such strategies and frameworks based on various risk management models, standards and compliance requirements.

Help AG develops a customized strategy based on the characteristics and requirements of each organization in alignment with the enterprise risk management and organizational risk appetite, while providing the required risk management support processes to effectively manage and mitigate the risk.

Help AG’s experts assist organizations in the identification, analysis, evaluation, treatment planning and monitoring of their information security risks based on priorities.

Third Parties Security Assessment

The changes of the traditional supply chain, as well as the heavy reliance on third parties and outsourcing partners, exposes the information assets of an organization to more and more threats.

Help AG follows a customized approach to assess how the information exposed to third parties is protected, shared, managed and archived, and determine whether this is in accordance with corporate, regulatory, and legal requirements that have been identified for the organization.

IT Service Management System Establishment

Implementation of the policies, processes and supporting procedures required to plan, deliver, operate and control IT services offered to internal and external customers of the organization delivering IT services.

The outcome will enable the organization to go seek Independent certification that will provide assurance to customers and business partners. Help AG’s approach focuses of the effective implementation and adoption of IT Service Management culture and goes beyond the traditional compliance-based implementation via dedicated guidance workshops to service delivery teams to ensure sound and practical alignment with the defined processes.

Our IT Service Management Compliance covers:

  • ISO/IEC20000-1:2011 for Information Technology Service Management
Integrated Management System Establishment

Help AG assists organizations in consolidating their efforts and unifying their objectives by integrating the requirements and processes of multiple management systems into a single easy to use framework thus reducing time and effort to manage those management systems separately and ensuring that different department are not acting in silos.


Information Protection further extends the value of information security by adding reliability and emphasizing strategic risk management over tools and tactics with regards to information security.

In addition to defending against malicious hackers and code, Help AG ‘s Information Security Protection offer includes additional aspects of corporate governance challenges such as Data Privacy and Compliance.

The aim of business resilience to strengthen the organization by evaluating the risks that could affect business operations and enhance the organization’s ability to response and recover from various of disruptive incidents through clear strategies, effective communication, crisis management and business continuity planning.

Development of Critical Data Protection Strategy and Framework

Organizations face an ever-increasing challenge to protect critical information. Help AG assists organizations in designing and developing an effective Critical Data Protection Strategy & Framework which enables the protection of data assets while accommodating corporate requirements for information sharing, collaboration, distributed processing, and the mobile workforce.

Information Classification, labelling and handling

Understanding and correctly categorizing information is critical to a successful data protection strategy & framework. Help AG’s consultants assist organizations in classifying, handling & disposing organizational information by developing the required processes. We can even undertake the required tasks on behalf of our customers.

Business Continuity Management Establishment (BCMS)

In a deeply interconnected world where business is a 24/7 operation, downtime impacts employee productivity, brand reputation and ultimately revenue. Help AG assists organizations in developing the processes required to mitigate the impact of business interruptions and disasters, and to recover essential business functions within acceptable time frames.

Our consultants also guide customers in evolving their BCM to achieve Business Resiliency. This enables them to quickly adapt to disruptions and maintain continuous business operations while safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity.

Our Business Continuity Management Compliance covers:

  • ISO22301:2012 for Business Continuity Management System
  • NCEMA 7000:2015 UAE Business Continuity Management Standard
  • SAMA Business Continuity Management Framework


Automation of the GRC process within an organization is considered as an important aspect of the effective implementation of Information security.

Help AG offers the maximum automation related to the implementation of the GRC processes, combining Strategic Security Consulting Services and implementation of GRC process automation solutions.

Help AG’s GRC automation service line include the following:
Automation in GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

Help AG achieves the automation of GRC for customers through the effective implementation of relevant solutions including, Governance & Compliance assessment, automated generation of Compliance Dashboards, and implementation GRC solutions.

In addition to the automation solution implementation, Help AG offers end to end services that entail establishment and delivery of the policies, processes and artefacts required for compliance using the automation technology; thus, reducing the overhead on the customers’ side and ensuring continual improvement.

Automation in critical data protection

Human intervention provides much-needed context for data classification, while tools enable efficiency and policy enforcement. Critical Data Protection therefore requires the integration of both security management processes involving end users and employees, and the tools for automation and enforcement.

Help AG automates the Data Classification & Labelling process by implementing cutting edge solutions based on expertly integrated best of breed technology products as well prevent leakage of sensitive information through enforcement of handling guidelines via DLP technologies.

Automation in Awareness Maturity Enhancement

Technology and Processes are as effective as the people utilizing them. Help AG offers automation solutions to ensure enhancement of the end users’ awareness level to further strengthen this important link between technology and process thus mitigating human risk factor.


Information security is a continuing process requiring specialization and expertise in order to be effectively implemented. Help AG offers both specialization and expertise at an on-going basis, assisting organizations to effectively manage their information security governance, risk and compliance efforts while advising on operational cybersecurity challenges.

With this unique offering, Help AG aims at assisting organizations in areas where expertise or resources are lacking. The services of this category are offered either on demand or as part of a frame agreement.

Help AG offering regarding on-going GRC & Information Assurance Consulting including following services:
Maintenance of Management Systems and Certification

On-going services offered address the requirement for continuous management system monitoring, maintenance, and continual improvement of the Management Systems within an organization. Help AG consultants undertake all required maintenance and continual improvement activities relating to the customer’s existing Management Systems, while assisting customers in meeting all certification related obligations. This ensure that an organization can maintain the certification and successfully pass any surveillance audit.

The maintenance of the following Management Systems & Standards is part of this service:

  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) – ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) – ISO 22301:2012
  • Information Technology Service Management System (ITSMS) – ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011
Risk Management

As an on-going service, Help AG assists organizations in constantly assessing, evaluating, monitoring, and follow-on the planned risk mitigation actions. These services include the management of threats & vulnerabilities, acting as part of the organization’s Information Security Department, and performing all required activities and provide guidance of mitigate the risks on behalf of the customer.

Compliance Support and Maintenance

This service addresses the on-going need for maintaining and monitoring the compliance requirements to Local and International Information Security and Business Continuity requirements. Help AG’s consultants will perform all required compliance related activities to assist an organization with the management of the compliance process.

Virtual Information Security Officer

The role of the information security officer is essential to align information security initiatives with business objectives and safeguard the organization’s information assets from unauthorised disclosure and modification.

Help AG offers organizations the ability to leverage our senior consultants’ expertise and know-how in driving their information security program and address regulatory compliance while remaining focuses on critical IT projects and without having the need to increase their headcount.

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