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By Asim Sharfuddin, Manager Service Operations at Help AG  |  Posted Monday, 15th January 2018

At Help AG, we have an established track record for delivering excellence in local support. Recently we had a chance to prove this in more ways than one through an initiative that will not only enable us to better deliver our services, but also allowed us to give back to the community.

As an incentive to customers who participated in our Support Services Feedback Survey, we pledged to donate money to a charitable cause- the Al Noor Training Centre. What arose were some interesting findings!

You may be well aware that our support team is highly certified on technologies from F5 Networks, Palo Alto Network, Symantec, Infoblox, Splunk and a host of other vendors and we provide L1 and L2 support of behalf of all these partners. This gives our customers the advantage of having direct access to technology experts who are based in the Middle East itself. This local presence means that we can respond faster, resolve issues quicker and even be available on-site within 2 hours for customers in the UAE.

It wasn’t surprising therefore that an incredible 89% of respondents said that their overall happiness level with our support services has either increased or remained same. Furthermore, 85% of our customers rated our support on F5 products as outstanding (we were awarded support partner of the year from F5 networks in April 2017) while an 92% of customers rated our support on Palo Alto Network as outstanding.

And while the amazing results were indeed a matter of pride for us, the added benefit of this survey helping support a foundation dedicated to providing all individuals with special needs, regardless of background, the same opportunity through professional training and care to realize their potential and integrate into the wider community, made the result all that much sweeter.

We would like to thank our customers for their overwhelmingly positive feedback on our support services. This is very encouraging and drives us to aspire for even greater success.

Blog by:

Asim Sharfuddin, Manager Service Operations at Help AG



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